Discography Promo (box set)

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Discography Promo Box contents
Muse Box Set
Name Discography Promo
Tracks (5 CDs and 2 DVDs)
Total length Unknown
Recorded 1999–2006
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown
Art work Unknown
Publisher Warner
Format(s) CD, DVD
Catalogue № Unknown
Release date 2006
Chart position Unknown
Box Set chronology
Discography Promo


This box was used to promote the band prior to the release of Black Holes and Revelation, and therefore contains only an empty case rather than the actual album. The box also featured a Muse-engraved pencil and notepad, and a short biography of the band.

CDs contained

  1. Showbiz CD
  2. Origin of Symmetry CD
  3. Hullabaloo Soundtrack CD
  4. Absolution CD
  5. Black Holes and Revelations (empty case)
  6. Hullabaloo DVD
  7. Absolution Tour DVD

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