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performances of this song.
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This page contains a list of all needed performances of City of Delusion. If you believe you own the recording of a performance on this list, please consider including it in the Uno Live Database performance preservation project (email :

Black Holes and Revelations era


# Date Venue Location Link
17 2007-08-10 Festival Pier Philadelphia, PA, USA
7 2007-03-18 Sendai Zepp Sendai, Japan
6 2007-03-16 Fukuoka Zepp Fukuoka, Japan
2 2007-01-31 Festival Hall Melbourne, VI, Australia
1 2007-01-24 Hordern Pavilion Sydney, NS, Australia


# Date Venue Location Link
23 2006-12-06 Eishalle Deutweg Winterthur, Switzerland
19 2006-11-26 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle Hamburg, Germany
8 2006-07-31 Jacques Cartier Pier Montreal, QC, Canada
6 2006-07-26 State Theater Minneapolis, USA
4 2006-07-22 Celebrity Theatre Phoenix, AZ, USA