Sydney Hordern Pavilion 2007 - 24th (gig)

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Set list sheet
Muse show
Venue Hordern Pavilion[1]
Date 24th January 2007[1]
Location Sydney, NS[1]
Country Australia
Songs 17[source?]
Support Ground Components[source?]
Start (UTC+11) 19:00[1]
Capacity 4,200 (max seated)[source?]
Price (AUD) 83.45 (adult general admission)[1]
Sold out? Yes[1]

Ticket sale started 11th September 09:00. The gig is sponsored by Lees and West, Triple J and Channel [V].[1]


Both "Next song's called Starlight" and "Cheers" were said during the concert.

Towards the end of the gig Bellamy asked who'd be at Big Day Out the next day and responded to peoples screams by saying "you, and you yeah." After Take A Bow he said "Thank you very much, see you tomorrow."



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