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Chris Wolstenholme Signature model
Chris Wolstenholme signature Bass
Manufacturer Status Graphite
Used ?
Body type One-piece graphite composite
Neck joint Neck-through
Body covering High gloss lacquer
Wood Carbon fiber constuction
Bridge Mono-rail bridge units
Electronics Master volume and pickup blend controls
Pickup(s) 2 Status hum-cancelling pickups
Special circuits Treble and bass active E.Q. plus bright switch, control orientation reversed, midrange boost circuit.

From the Status Graphite website:

Chris originally bought his first headless Series 2 from a friend because he was so impressed with the tone. This first model was made in the early 80's.

In the last few years he has used a wide selection of Status basses both live and in the studio. These include a couple of headed S2-Classics, a GP-Artist and a KingBass Mk-II.

In the last few months we have developed a new Signature model which retains most of the classic Status features but has been tailored to Chris' personal playing style.

1 : The bridge pickups has been moved away from the bridge by 20mm to make the right-hand technique a little more flexible.

2 : The neck pickup has also been moved towards the fingerboard by 10mm which makes the tone a little warmer.

3 : Volume / pickup balance and bass / treble controls have been reversed when compared to a standard Status bass. This has no effect on the way the controls operate, it's just a personal preference Chris has.

4 : A new midrange control has been fitted : this has individual controls for both mid frequency and mid cut / boost. This allows you to pin-point the exact midrange frequency then adjust exactly how much is to be boosted or cut. This midrange control can be pre-set and there is an on/off switch to by-pass it completely.

5 : Chris also specified front LEDs as a custom option. His main bass currently has blue LEDs but red, green, amber and white are also available.

6 : Black hardware is standard on Chris' basses but gold and chrome are also available.

7 : Individual mono-rail bridge units are fitted as standard.

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