Chelmsford Hylands Park 2001 (gig)

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A poster of the festival lineup.
Muse show
Venue Hylands Park[source?] (V Festival[1]—stage 2 headline[1])
Date 18th August 2001[1]
Location Chelmsford[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 14[source?]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

For some unknown reason, the band stopped shortly after starting Showbiz and re-started half a minute or so later. Dominic Howard appeared to explain the reason during this break.[2]


Before Citizen Erased Howard "Hello. Cheers".[2]
Bellamy "[?] ... We are called Muse".
After Citizen Erased "Thank you".
After Micro Cuts "Cheers, nice one".
Howard "Thank you".
After New Born Bellamy "Cheers".
During Showbiz break Howard [?]
After Screenager Bellamy "Cheers".
After Unintended Howard "Thank you".
Bellamy (Into megaphone) "Hello [coughs]".
Before Hyper Music [Mumbles into microphone]
After Hyper Music "Cheers".
After Plug In Baby Bellamy "Thank you very much! ... cheers for hanging around". [coughs]
Howard "Thank you".
Bellamy "This is uh, this is our last song now, uh..."
Howard "It's called Bliss".
Bellamy "It's called Bliss, yeah".
Howard "The album's out on Monday".
Bellamy "We've got a tour. Going on tour".
Howard "[?] We're going on tour in October. October-November".
Bellamy [?]
Howard "We'll see you then. Cheers for coming, see you later".
After Bliss "Thank you. Cheers".


The entire performance is available in mp3 format here.


  1. Citizen Erased (alt drum intro)
    (7 String E Manson)
  2. Micro Cuts
  3. New Born
  4. Muscle Museum
  5. Showbiz + Ashamed outro
  6. Jam + Screenager (guitar) + Jimmy Jam + Riff RATM
  7. Unintended
  8. Feeling Good + piano interlude
  9. Sunburn (piano)
  10. Hyper Music
  11. Drum roll + Cave + Riff Vuilstamen
  12. Fillip
  13. Plug In Baby
  14. Bliss


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