Cannes La Plage du Martinez 2013 (gig)

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Muse in Cannes
Muse in Cannes
Muse show
Venue La Plage du Martinez [en: Martinez Beach] (Le Grand Journal De Cannes)
Date 23th May 2013
Location Cannes
Country France
Songs 1
Support None
Sold out?

A promo TV show in support of The 2nd Law.


Muse's second performance at Canal+'s Cannes Film Festival coverage after the infamous 2000 gig when they threw their equipment into the water.

The instruments were mimed, whereas the singing was live.

While the show was filmed and streamed, no pro-shot of the entire performance of Panic Station can be found anymore, however, a fanmade reportage from the performance can be seen here, including some pro-shot footage from the performance itself.


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