Bologna PalaMalaguti 2006 (gig)

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Matthew Bellamy playing his keyboard
Muse show
Venue PalaMalaguti[source?]
Date 2nd December 2006[source?]
Location Bologna, BO[source?]
Country Italy
Songs 18[1][source?]
Support The Noisettes[2][source?]
Start 20:00,[3] 19:30 UTC+1 (doors)[4][source?]
Capacity 8,278(standing) - [5][source?]
Price 34,50 EUR[6][source?]
Sold out? yes[source?]

It was Wolstenholme's birthday and the fans didn't forget it. The balloons were released during Bliss and kept flying in the hall during Feeling Good. A lyrics variation was made during Invincible. Matt played the trumpet solo of City of Delusion on his guitar.


A FLAC recording is available here. This was recorded through an AT853 into a Creative Nomad Jukebox3 by 'MLK'.[7] A recording in mp3 format here.



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