Bologna Arena Parco Nord 2001 (gig)

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Guest ticket
Muse show
Venue Arena Parco Nord[1] (Independent Days[1])
Date 2nd September 2001[1]
Location Bologna, BO[1]
Country Italy
Songs Unknown
  • Africa Unite, Ska P,[1] »
  • Modena City Ramblers,
  • Rocket From the Crypt, Mad Caddies,
  • Reel Big Fish, Banda Bassotti,
  • Meganoidi, Persiana Jones,
  • Tre Allegri Regazzi Morti, CEA,
  • Suneatshours, Pornoriyiste,
  • Killjoint, Rude Prayo, et al[1]
Supported Manu Chao[1]
Start 20:00[2]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

The order of the setlist is uncertain today, but the setlist itself is known.[3] "Hyper Music" and "Feeling Good" from this gig recording were included on the Hyper Music/Feeling Good single.



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