Apocalypse Please (single)

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Cover art
Prize set-list
Muse single
Name Apocalypse Please[1]
Tracks 1
Total length 4:48
Recorded Glastonbury Festival 2004[2]
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Rich Costey
Art work
  • Download »
  • CD-R (Promo)
Catalogue №
Release date 23rd August 2004[1]
Chart position 10 (GB download chart)[3]
Album Absolution
single chronology
Sing for Absolution
Apocalypse Please[1]
Butterflies & Hurricanes


The live version of "Apocalypse Please" from Glastonbury 2004[2] was released as a charity download,[2] with ~70p from each purchase going to Oxfam.[1] A promotional CD-R was also made. Those who purchased the download were put into a draw for a chance to win a signed set list from the summer tour.[2] For an unknown reason, this single is not listed on Muse.mu.

The single reached number 10 in the first UK download chart.[3]

Track list

  1. Apocalypse Please (Live) – 4:48

Apocalypse Please gallery


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