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Muse song
Name America
Album/single -
Length Unknown
Alternative titles -
First live performance 23rd September 2009
Latest live performance 23rd September 2009
Recorded Studio Bellini, Lake Como and Milan, Italy, 2009
Writer/composer Leonard Bernstein
Producer Muse



"America" is a song composed by Leonard Bernstein for the musical West Side Story. Muse covered the song in the run up to the MTV music awards and filmed a video featuring Christopher Wolstenholme dressed as Captain America, although the video and studio recording were never released.

You can watch a sneak peak of what was going to be the music video on youtube. [1]


America was played live once as an intro to the concert. It was meant as a preview of sorts to the studio version of the song that the band had planned, though this version would go unreleased. Likely as a result of this, it was never played live again. If the studio recording had been released it would have been likely that the band would have run through America at least more than once.

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