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Radiohead added as an influence

I added Radiohead as influence due to a video I found from 2008 where Christopher Wolstenholme is interviewed. In this interview he was asked What are your musical influences?

His response was - Around the time we got into the band we were listening to things like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine you know...all that kind of stuff you know

I'm updating the Radiohead page right now and will provide a link to the interview there.

The Debate

I've spent considerable time searching on Muse's official & semi-official archives & forums and what i've found about the topic is what i've contribuited to the Radiohead page, here i bring some points (who likes add points & discuss the debate is welcome):

For Muse

  • Muse dennies any serious conection with Radiohead.
  • Bellamy states that what happens is that both bands shares influencess.
  • He had stated various times that he thinks that Muse & Radiohead don't plays the same type of music and don't sounds similar.
  • Matt, Chris & Dom always dismiss people who compares both bands.

For Radiohead

  • Dom mentions Radiohead as one of his favorite bands, but he also mentions Limp Bizkit & Pavement, also Chris mentioned Korn & Helmet (and being objetive muse don't sounds like these bands) one band don't is influenced for every single thing that their members listen (when that hapens is when the bands suffers breakup due creative diferencess) also is well known by Muse fans that Bellamy is Muse's driving force on both ways: Musically and Lyrically (rather on their first albums than the last ones) so what he cites as influence should be prior as Muse's influences, and if he has stated that what hapens is that both bands have similar influences rather than a real one that should be respected.
  • Matt stated that he is interested on electronical tones, like bjork or even amnesiac but he don't likes Kid A (here he is stating similar influences again).
  • Matt praised Radiohead's Kid A (but he dismisses it above, this is weird, well who cares)
  • Muse praised Radiohead's in Rainbows "Pay what you want" digital distribution, but Muse don't followed the tendence with the release of The Resistance album which was released on a conventional physical (and capitalist ¬¬') way (when i found the link to this i'll going to add it to the Radiohead page).

My personal conclusion

There are many oposed opinions there (and honestly i'm neutral at this), so i proposse remove the Radiohead page from the influences category (to keep it that way: neutral), anyway, if anyone out there wants to know what about the Muse/Radiohead topic, they'll just have to search the page, so after checking it they can create their own point of view about it and decide what is the truth by themselves, there is no need of force ones to think the way that others do. Drone4ever.


There is no debate, we already have all the info we need to place Radiohead as an influence. The majority of what you posted is a contradiction. Plus you are in no way neutral because you constantly make a strong effort to edit out Radiohead as an influence. You single them out every time which makes it come across as some kind of personal vendetta against Radiohead. If we were to use your broken logic of doing things then we would have to remove 90% of the influences listed on this page because many bands listed have less facts, yet are kept up either way. For example, the Queens of the Stone Age were listed as an influence merely because of 1 reference from Matt Bellamy. In an interview with Matt, during the recordings of BH&R, he was asked which album he was listening right now. It was the Queens of the Stone Age album, Lullabies to Paralyze. This is all it took to put QotSA, yet we have many more references and quotes to Radiohead and yet they get removed as an influence? This is a joke and goes against everything this page is about.Sandamuse

  • Because there are few contradictions, which were explained above, this should be keep neutral (if i weren't neutral at this i'll remove the Dom interview from the Radiohead page for example). and there are more interviews (near to the twice) of muse dinnying Radiohead influencess than the ones who sugest it.
  • About Queens of the Stone Age, if there were more articles against them than for them they'll be removed too. also, the next time that you want to discuss sometihng do it on an organized way. Drone4ever

*the date of this edit is 01/02/2011 and is more recent than the section below.

Why no Radiohead?

Not getting into an 'are they just ripping off Radiohead?' arguement here because they aren't but, it's plain to see they have influenced Muse, very strongly on Showbiz, and not to include them on this list is crazy.

I've added them, why weren't they there already?--Robinflight 12:05, 16 September 2009 (BST)
We get someone removing Radiohead without a stated reason from time to time, it just so happens that no one noticed this time. --Tene 14:30, 16 September 2009 (BST)


I agree, why no Radiohead? Another band said to be influenced by muse is 'Cursive', an American post-rock/emo-ish band. I personally love their last album Happy Hollow. It would be wise to include them here.

see radiohead --Wilfio 21:21, 8 March 2007 (GMT)

Add them

If you think they belong, than add them --DMG

More Influences

some kind muser has made a thread on the muselive forums citing lots of influenees that we don't have. --Wilfio 15:30, 9 May 2007 (BST)


Would it be improper to add myself as a writer who has been influenced by Muse? I do write for leisure, newspapers, contests ans such, and Muse has influenced a lot of my short stories and essays....

I just haven't done it yet for fear of looking like an egomaniac. :P

7 04:38, 15 January 2008 (GMT)

Clean up

I think we should really do a cleanup here. Some of the bands listed here have absolutely no relation to Muse. References are needed too.--Susurr0 22:37, 6 March 2008 (GMT)

Removal of Paul McCartney

just because he thinks that chris was one of the best bass players at a festival doesn't make him influenced by the band, i mean come on, i don't think the next paul album will sound like Muse because he liked the bass player.