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| AltTitles = -
| AltTitles = -
| First = -
| First = -
| Recorded = 2001 <small>(electric)</small>, Real World, January 2001 <small>(acoustic)</small>
| Recorded = 2001 <small>(electric)</small>, [[Real World Studios|Real World Studio Wiltshire]], January 2001 <small>(acoustic)</small>
| Writer = [[Matthew Bellamy]]
| Writer = [[Matthew Bellamy]]
| Producer = John Leckie <small>(acoustic)</small>
| Producer = John Leckie <small>(acoustic)</small>

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Muse song
Name Shine, Shine Acoustic
Album/single Hullabaloo Soundtrack (7) (acoustic), Hyper Music/Feeling Good CD (3) (electric)
Length 5:16 (acoustic) 3:16 (electric)
Alternative titles -
First live performance -
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded 2001 (electric), Real World Studio Wiltshire, January 2001 (acoustic)
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Leckie (acoustic)



Both an electric and acoustic version were recorded. The electric version is officially referred to simply as "Shine" and includes the arpeggios from Bliss and from the chorus of Falling Away With You, whereas the acoustic version is referred to as "Shine Acoustic". The lyrics between the two versions differ very slightly; in the second verse of "Shine", Matt says 'you should have teased', whereas in "Shine Acoustic" he says 'you used to tease'.

Music trivia

Throughout the acoustic version, thunder and rain can be heard. Also, at 0:34 in the acoustic version, Dominic Howard can be heard saying "1, 2, 3, 4".


Who cares for the life we've earned

Someone's sold all the truth you yearned Remember when we used to shine And had no fear or sense of time When it creeps up on you

You can't cry now there's nothing to feel No one's noticed our loneliness Remember when you should have teased And made us scream eternal joy

I believed that you'd always be here 'cause once you promised a life with no fear Please don't break my ideals And say what's fake was always real I was the one now I'm gone Take me back again

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