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Real World Studios

Is a studio in where muse recorded some songs from the Hullabaloo Soundtrack and Origin of Symmetry.

Recording Studios

Real World Studios have always had a unique approach; one that has set it apart since its inception twenty years ago from the vast majority of recording facilities. Conceived and designed from the onset to offer an environment that is sympathetic to the creation and performance of music, whilst providing state of the art technology with which to capture it. Facilities are available to suit a wide range of ambition and budget, from the versatile functionality of Millside to the awesome space of the Big Room. Real World offers a unique and refreshing environment that allows for an immense freedom to create, perform and record music.[1]

The Recording Areas

The Big Room
  • "The Big Room"

This room as its name suggests, it offers space and versatility on a grand scale that provides both interesting and alternative methods for live recording and tracking. It is also a unique environment for mixing in all formats.[2]

  • "The Wood Room"

As its name suggests, the acoustic tends toward a warm, inviting character with a mellow feel that works well with solo instruments and ensembles. Flexible enough to accommodate a variety of different instruments and configurations.

  • "The Rehearsal Room"

As its name suggests, is for rehearseals if you need a big space to make some noise and get up to speed.


Real World Studios Bathroom

Staying a stones throw from the main studio building has obvious benefits. We offer flexible, comfortable accommodation and great food at extremely reasonable rates. The on site accommodation at Real World is, by contrast, far more inviting and welcoming. Six bedrooms (most with en suite facilities) share the friendly atmosphere in the main house and there is also an additional one-bedroom cottage available at a reasonable rate.[3]

Songs recorded by Muse here


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