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| 12 = Invincible
| 12 = Invincible
| 13 = Supermassive Black Hole
| 13 = Supermassive Black Hole
| 14 - Hysteria
| 14 = Hysteria
| 15 = New Born | 15app = {{encore}}
| 15 = New Born | 15app = {{encore}}
| 16 = Time Is Running Out
| 16 = Time Is Running Out

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Muse show
Venue Unknown (Southside Festival[source?]—Main Stage[source?])
Date 24th June 2006[source?]
Location Neuhausen ob Eck, BW[source?]
Country Germany
Songs 17[source?]
Support Wir Sind Helden[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 22:00[presumption that the start time was the same as for Hurricane Festival]
Capacity 40,000[source?]
Price (EUR) 89.00 (3 days)[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

The band played a 95 minute set on their official return to the live arena. Mistakes were made: The megaphone didn't work on Feeling Good, the band messed up the ending of Stockholm Syndrome and Matthew Bellamy messed up the beginning of New Born. A new white stage setting with 5 screens debuted at this show.

This show marked the first play of Soldier's Poem, on the keyboard.



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