Connect the Kettle Lead (live)

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Live information
Name Connect the Kettle Lead
First performance Unknown
Latest performance Unknown
Pro-shots None
Audience footage None
Audio recordings None
# of performances Unknown
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This page contains a list of all known performances of Connect the Kettle Lead.

Analysis and Explanation

Pre-Showbiz era

See also

This is a table of demo-era live performances.

Note: White indicates performed during the year listed above.

Black indicates no known performance that year.

Last updated: December 31, 2019.

Song Title 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 #
Backdoor 3 3
Sling 1 1
Feed 1 1
Jigsaw Memory 2 2
Connect the Kettle Lead 0
Good News 0
Falling with the Crowd 0
Forameus 1 1
Boredom 2 2
Rain 1 3 4

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