Zane catches up with Muse in Italy (20090729 Zane Lowe feature)

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This transcription may be inaccurate as we have not seen an original copy.

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An interview with Muse in Italy, of which the first half has been transcribed by 'funkadelic' from Muselive.

Zane: Hi this is Zane Lowe, on BBC Radio 1. Lakeside here at Lake Como, in Italy..and we're here to catch up with Muse and help establish some kind of context for their forthcoming new album 'The Resistance'.

Matt: I-in the early years..I sort of..maybe a bit, a bit confused about what was..what was..what my emotions were trying to express but as I said, being-being in England or seeing what's been going sort of defined it down to being more..more direct and more down to earth. I think the first song sort of sums up how a lot of people feel and that is that we definitely need change, you know?

Zane: Uprising is how the record starts, and I know..if you had 11 songs that you wrote and that's all that you recorded and that's all you wrote, you kinda knew in a way how it was gonna order as well?

Matt: *giggles* Yeah, yeah, I-I think we always knew that was the first song. That kind of sets the scene, really, for the love story to sort of merge with-in-in-within that, you know? But then the ending..I think I think the first 8 tracks are very much down-to-earth. Kind of that love story within 1984..sort of..that's a sort of an overdramatic version of what I s'pose..what I feel, you know? But then the ending of the album it goes completely off-the-wall.

Zane: It's jolting and jarring and sets you up for something, doesn't it?

Dom: For sure, yeah.

Zane: Always going to be the album opener, I guess? Always always felt like it was in the right place?

Dom: Uhh..I think we were toying with a few different ideas. I think we thought 'Resistance' coulda been uh, an opener, just 'cause it's got all that sort of etherial synth stuff at the beginning, but we thought we've always started our albums with some kind of slow-starter or something that builds throughout the whole Take a Bow or umm...umm..Apocalypse Please, which is kind of a pretty weird track. So we thought we'd just go for the old slap-round-the-face approach *laughs* you know? Get straight in there.

Zane: It's literally has a eeeerwuuup guuff and starts.

Dom: Yeah, it's like a very speedy start then just straight in.

Zane: I want to talk to you specifically about United States of Eurasia.

Matt: Yeah. *laughs*

Zane: Because that to me, and this going to sound overly dramatic, but that's my thing. It's kind of the first unifying piece of music post-Obama where it actually says to everyone, like, you know what? This can all co-exist creatively and..we all believe in the same thing.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Zane: And the scale, I don't know what thing for the minor scale you're using, the arabic's like incredible how you've used that.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, it sort of slightly..[?]

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