Zane Lowe 2008-02-28 – Interview at the NME awards

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A short interview with the band at the NME awards, broadcast on Zane Lowe's show on the 28th of February 2008. This transcription may be and probably is inaccurate.

Interviewer (?): I'm here with uh, a triumphant Muse, upstairs in the production area of NME awards. Congratulations guys.

Matthew Bellamy: Thank you very much.

Dominic Howard: Thank you.

I: So, you won probably what is the most coveted award of the evening, for a night like tonight; Best Live Band award.

B: Brilliant yeah. Brilliant, brilliant award yeah. Always a pleasure to get this one, yeah. We've won it, a few times now and it's really uh,...

I: How many times? Come on. Don't be shy.

B: I'm not sure, three? Oh no, maybe, with NME I dunno, two or three. I dunno, but it's, it's always a pleasure you know, 'cause it's, it shows you haven't lost your touch, you know.

I: Yes.

B: As they say [laughs] So, it's uh,...

I: ...and how do you work with the awards? Do you divvy them out? I mean you must've won a lot now!

H: We've got a few. We share them out. I think we've uh, I think we've all got an NME award at this point, so...

I: Yeah.

H: know, on the mount... okay. Let Chris in.

Christopher Wolstenholme: No, no, no, 'cause I took the one in Ireland last week.

H: Ah. So, you know.

W: It's not my turn.

H: Oh! So many.

W: [laughs]

I: [laughs]

H: I don't know what to do with them.

I: [?] speaking to Muse on the tour bus going; 'I got that one last week' then; 'but you've got three of them, I want one of them'. Is there any other band that you um, you've like to see winning tonight, or do you not really care?

B: Uh, any bands that what, I wanted to see win?

I: You wanted to see win, or...

H: I'll tell you what I miss, what did the Klaxons win?

I: They won best album...

H: That's uh...

H: ...and...

H: ...that's good and who won the best British band then?

I: I think that was uh, who was that? It's not been awarded yet. Arctics, oh it's Arctics. Arctic Monkeys.

H: Well it's good, I mean, we saw, what, who, I, I quite... I'll tell you what I'm pleased to see. Glasvegas win the um,...

I: Yeah, the Radar one.

H: That Radar one, yeah, 'cause I think they're a really great band, you know and I think there's gonna be some...

B: Oh yeah,...

H: ...great things.

B: ...Glasvegas, brilliant. Yeah, yeah I'd love to uh, do some gigs with them actually, hopefully, yeah. I really really like them. I mean I haven't seen them live and uh, I'd like to see them.

I: Okay, well maybe we can see if we can figure that out. We're on national radio,...

B: If, if, if you see them around yeah, we'd like, we want them to play with us actually uh, we're doing a gig in Belfast and Dublin, aren't we, this year. We, we need a good band to play with.

I: Yeah, good Celtic band.

B: Oh yeah, yeah. That'll go down well.

I: Okay, well listen. Have a great night. Are you hanging around, or...?

H: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think we're gonna...

I: A few drinks?

H: ...we're gonna hang around and maybe watch some of the big shows that's happening, next door, wherever that is. I've never been in there before. So, you know, hang out and you know, go with it. [laughs]

I: Okay, thank you very much Muse.

H: Cheers.

B: Thank you.

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