Zambujeira do Mar Herdade da Casa Branca 2002 (gig)

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Ticket of the festival with the bands and dates
Muse show
Venue Herdade da Casa Branca[1] [en: White House Farm] (Festival Sudoeste[2]—Palco Sagres[3])
Date 4th August 2002[2][3]
Location Zambujeira do Mar[source?]
Country Portugal
Songs 14[source?]
Support The Electric Soft Parade et al.[3]
Supported The Cure[3]
Start (UTC+2) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown


  • The Cure
  • The Electric Soft Parade
  • Muse
  • Blasted Mechanism
  • Plastica


Both Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard said something in Portuguese before New Born.


A recording in mp3 format is available here[broken link]. The six first songs of the show were broadcasted (Citizen Erased is incomplete).



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