Waitakere Trusts Stadium 2007 (gig)

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Promotional poster
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Muse show
Venue Trusts Stadium[1][2][3]
Date 23rd November 2007[1][2][3][4]
Location Waitakere City, Auckland[source?]
Country New Zealand
Songs 17[5][6]
Support The Checks[source?]
Start (UTC+13) 20:00[2], 19:00[2] (doors)
Capacity 6,000[source?]
Price (NZD) 69.00[1]
Sold out? Yes[2]

First announced on the 15th August.[4] There were two pre-sales, the first through muse.mu on the 7th of September[3] and the second on the 10th September through c4tv.co.nz.[3] General sale started on 11th September[3] at 09:00[2].

There were two ticket types,[2] one for the upper area and one for the lower area.[2] The upper area was solely seated,[2] while lower level ticket holders could choose between sitting and standing.[2]

The balloons were released during Plug In Baby[7], and CO2 shot up during Butterflies & Hurricanes and Knights of Cydonia.[7]


A recording is available in mp3 format here. This was recorded by Kinopus and small parts by Heath.



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