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4 Albums
4 Albums

All Muse studio albums and single were released on vinyl, with the exception of download only singles. All Muse albums on vinyl are limited editions, and in the case of Showbiz individually numbered, and therefore reach inflated prices on websites such as eBay.

There is no separate mastering for the vinyl versions of Muse albums, which means they do not appeal to audiophiles. This is because vinyl records can not be brick wall limited like CDs so in order to get the bricked walled and heavily clipped CD master, for example, Absolution, onto vinyl without a remaster then overall volume of the CD master must have its volume reduced drastically. Not only does this mean a low signal to noise ratio on the vinyl, but no advantage in the dynamic range.

The majority of Muse singles were released on clear vinyl, with others on black vinyl, or from 2006 onwards, as picture discs.