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10/21/18 - Matt Bellamy wished me Happy Birthday today. I am still in shock.


No problem! Now you can download the 2002 Stockholm Syndrome audios and post them here and in dailymotion! --User:HyperChondriacMuser (talk) 16:33, 14 August 2017 (BST)"

Glad to see you made it! Always nice to see a new user, doesn't happen too often. "--Casin0R0yale7 (talk) 16:25, 3 July 2017 (BST)"

Thanks! Still learning my way around. Can't wait to start contributing! Any pointers you have would be much appreciated!"--Mnero (talk) 16:42, 03 July 2017 (BST)"

Confirmed Early Gigs

Special thanks to The Leadmill for providing confirmation that Muse played there on 2/15/98 with Dirtflower and Freeloader. Awesome of them to give me pictures of the date book with the bands booked on that day!

AND EVEN MORE! The Exeter Cavern Club has been amazing in confirming several other gigs starting in 1996 that were missing from the wiki! Those guys are awesome!

Update: 3/5/18 the Exeter Cavern Club confirmed several gigs from 1994 and 1995!! They're the best

Live section

Hey, I could use some feedback regarding the Live section I've been working on. I asked around a while back and the users here all thought the concept of a live section was worth having, so about a year ago I started working on it, and it's now 55% complete with 75 songs finished. It's taken a lot of time and dedication but the results have been promising so far. I deliberately haven't shared the links on any site because I don't necessarily want people to see the incomplete project before it is ready for release, but I would enjoy hearing your feedback. It can be found here for now if you're interested in checking out the work that's been completed already. If you have any suggestions, comments, criticism, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, GameGear360 (talk) 16:37, 7 July 2017 (BST)

That is an impressive piece of work. Are all of the video/audio hosted on DailyMotion? Is that an account used by Musewiki to load what we find or are you also pointing to other videos on YouTube? I'd love to help any way I can. --Mnero (talk) 18:34, 07 July 2017 (BST)"

Stockholm Syndrome (live)

Making progress slow and steady. gigs are up and it looks like GameGear360 was helping remove some of the extraneous gigs. Basically I copied everything and worked backwards removing the non SS gigs. Anyhoo... Collecting the video content now.

I've pretty much collected all I can for Stockholm Syndrome. As you can see there is quite a lot missing from 2003 - 2006 so if you have any audio/video or know of anyone who might, please contact me to upload it to our database!

New Born (live)

Set up the New Born(live) page. Started adding content, I know GameGear360 has most of this, so I'm not surprised that he's already adding links! #Teamwork!

Looks like I've hit a wall with finding more New Born performances. Lots of early gigs missing. Any ideas? Otherwise I will move on to the next page that needs setting up.
If someone adds the Feeling Good page, I've already dumped all performances up to April 9th 2007, wouldn't be too difficult to track the rest down. New Born is looking good for now! GameGear360 (talk) 00:43, 28 October 2017 (BST)

Feeling Good (live)

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Feeling Good links! Way to go team!

Supermassive Black Hole (live)

Live page is up and just adding the links to performances. I'm struggling to get a good copy of the 2009 VMA performance as my computer doesn't seem to want to download and open the torrent :( If anyone can get me the video of the gig I'd appreciate it.

2018 Gig Template

Created the gig template and added the Rock in Rio and Carolina Rebellion. Will have to wait for "you know who" to add it to the Current Gig page :)

Hysteria (live) + Interlude (live)

Still working on the Hysteria and Interlude live pages. Almost complete with 2015.
Missing the USANA 2017 Hysteria
Missing Laugardalsholl, Gurten, Belfast Hysteria performances for 2016 - also there are some incomplete videos
Cannot find Electric Ballroom Hysteria performance for 2015
2014 is complete
2013 has not been touched yet
2012 and 2011 are complete
Still working on 2010
2009 is complete (haven't uploaded the MTV music award video yet)
2008 missing V Festival Weston, Gran Rex July 23, and Cape Town performances
2007 and 2006 have a lot of missing performances - HELP
2005 looks untouched but I know we have some of these around here somewhere
2004, 2003, 2002 missing quite a few
Any and all help is appreciated!!!

I can handle 2002-2007 if you want to work on 2009 onwards, I've been digging up some pretty rare versions of Hysteria lately. GameGear360 (talk) 23:18, 4 April 2018 (BST)

2007 shows

Hey, just a quick thing I've noticed! Lately you've uploaded a bunch of 2007 content which is great, although the only problem is that I intend on making multicams with professional audio replacements for all 2007 shows (I'm up to mid-July 2007 with my work so far), so in a way we may wind up stepping on eachother's toes. It's hard for me to replace a link you've provided with one of my own because it feels like unnecessary work went into uploading the footage. Any chance you could focus on shows after 2007? 2007 is my main priority right now so with both of us focusing on it, it's a bit redundant. Just thought I would give you a heads up regarding this, GameGear360 (talk) 18:59, 27 April 2018 (BST)

The 2nd Law and Drones songs have minimal/no work done to most of them, but honestly Interlude or any of the other songs that are post-2008 might be good to work with! The Resistance songs haven't been touched in like a year, they could use some work as well. Almost every song except for about five of them are done up to 2007 (PIB, TIRO and Starlight don't have pages yet) so anything works post-2007! I may or may not decide to do 2008 as well but most of those shows are available already in pro shot or multicam so it's not too much work. GameGear360 (talk) 19:20, 27 April 2018 (BST)

Muse Interview Portal

Started a new project to link to all Muse interviews - one handy dandy resource for all the gay cheese and feet smelling you could hope for. If you have information, copies, or links to interviews (especially older ones) contact me please!