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Club Quattro

Hi, I saw you added the venue to the Osaka 2001 gig. In the future, you can simply move pages instead of creating a new one and blanking the old one (at first I thought your blankening the page was vandalism...). My question however is, do you have a source? Thanks! Time Q (talk) 17:54, 29 August 2013 (BST)

Sorry I wanted to rename page title(from "Osaka" to "Club Quattro", only "Osaka" is too ambiguous) but I don't know how to delete page or rename the page title so I copied only the content of old page and pasted to the new page, then deleted the old page.
If possible, could you please delete the old blank page? ;(
This page is written in Japanese but you can read that Muse played at July 11th 2001 at "心斎橋(Shinsaibashi : a town in Osaka)QUATTRO" in "日本公演"(Japanese gigs) session.
Strictly speaking, "Osaka QUATTRO" is wrong name and "Shinsaibashi QUATTRO" is right name. But please see the gig page played at Oct 11th 2000. "Osaka QUATTRO" name has already been used so I followed.
(Needn't distinguish strictly? Other spot information of japanese gigs are wrong strictly speaking. For example, "Tokyo Club Quattro"(2000) is wrong and "Shibuya(a town in Tokyo) Club Quattro" is right name)