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Hi There!

My name is Joe, I'm 15 and I'm from the mighty Bedfordshire! :D
I mainly like editing and adding bits and bobs to the guitars and basses sections on this website.
I love muse (a lot, but mainly their old stuff and old B-sides, like Twin ) and am really into collecting there things, mainly vinyls (got something to sell? PM me)

Why I am called The Groove

Because the following names where taken: Deadstar, The Small Print, Joe

Déjà vu?

My collection

Full list (ish) can be found here:

Favourite Bands

1) MUSE 2) Enter Shikari 3) Nirvana 4) Rage Against The Machine 5) Breaking Culture

Attended Gigs

[Wembley Stadium-17.06.07]
[Royal Albert Hall-12.04.08]
[02 Arena London-13.11.09]
[Wembley Stadium-11.09.10]

Déjà vu?

Songs I have seen live

I am very bored, so I am going to make this.
Apocalypse Please
Citizen Erased
Helsinki Jam
MK Jam
Osaka Jam
Ruled By Secrecy
Sing for Absolution
Soldiers Poem
Butterflies and Hurricanes x2
Exogenesis: Symphony Part I x2(Overture)
Forced In x2
Guiding Light x2
Invincible x2
MK Ultra x2
Nishe x2
Resistance x2
Undisclosed Desires x2
United States of Eurasia x2
Unnatural Selection x2
Uprising x2
Bliss x3
Feeling Good x3
Newborn x3
Take a Bow x3
Hysteria x4
Knights of Cydonia x4
Map of the Problematique x4
Plug in Baby x4
Starlight x4
Stockholm Syndrome x4
Supermassive Black Hole x4
Time is Running Out x4

Best Set List Would Be:

1. Stockholm Syndrome
2. Hyper Music
3. Citizen Erased
4. Yes Please
5. The Small Print
6. Dead Star
7. Uno
7. Muscle Museum
8. The Groove
9. Fury
10. Plug In Baby
11. Hysteria
12. TIRO
13. Endlessly
14. Ruled By Secrecy
15. Uprising
16. Invincible
17. Knights Of Cydonia
18. Showbiz
The day that this happens will be known as EPIC DAY