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Hi there! I'm Teresa and I'm from Spain. I'll try to upload and translate as many Spanish articles about Muse (Although there aren't many). I also speak French very well as I went to a French School... so if I can find any articles in French about Muse, I'll translate them :)



24/11/09 : Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona.

16/06/10 : Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid.

28/08/11: Reading Festival


Just normal stuff, the five albums plus Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Hullabaloo DVD, The Absolution Tour DVD and HAARP. The only rarity I own (by now) is the vinyl recording of Admiralpalast gig in Berlin and the Uprising vinyl.

To Do

-Watch the full gig in Vicente Calderón (Madrid) and complete the information in Musewiki.

-Transcript and translate the articles about Muse that I have.