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Jagshemash My name is Russ. or Rusty-Bob

I have become an obsessive Muse fan/wikier/listener/lover/etc. since I saw Muse at the Orem McKay Events Center in 2007. They are my favorite band EVER and they have totally changed my life and the way i looked at music. I have studied every last detail about muse and i know tons about them but since ive only attended one gig i still feel like a muse rookie.


Has everyone already knows Matt Bellamy is GOD...and he totally inspired me to play the (guitar, piano, and everything else he of Muse does) differently and with more energy...i play along to Muse everyday so i try to find instruments and effects that sound like his....seeing how its basically impossible to recreate the magical orgasmic melodys that flow right out of matthews fingers, i try to find the closest equiptment i can find

I play:

Guitars: Squire Tele Custom, Ovation Celebrity Electric Acoustic, Starcaster Strat, Squire Tele.

Bass: Squire Vintage Natural Finish

Keyboards: Korg Micro Korg

Pedals: Boss GT-8, Boss RC-2, Digitech Hot Head

Amps: Randall RG100SC, Behringer Ultratone K900FX

I have played music for almost 6 years and im in 3 bands (One signed band).

Gigs Attended

Orem, Utah

West Valley City, Utah

Gigs Attending

Favourite Songs

Its like trying to decide which child is your favorite but when it comes down to it i could go for a top 21....

  • 1. Undisclosed Desires
  • 2. Map of The Problematique
  • 3. Hysteria
  • 4. Futurism
  • 5. Exogeniesis 1,2,3
  • 6. Fury
  • 7. Starlight
  • 8. Micro Cuts
  • 9. Sunburn
  • 10. Bliss
  • 11. Glorious
  • 12. Apocolypse Please
  • 13. Endlessly
  • 14. Uprising
  • 15. Muscle Museum
  • 16. Stockholm Syndrome
  • 17. Plug in Baby
  • 18. Hoodoo
  • 19. Supermassive Black Hole
  • 20. Resistance
  • 21. Execution Commentary