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About Me

Hey, I'm Michael, I'm 19, my birthday is on 9th February, and I come from Scunthorpe, which not many people have heard of, however am currently living in Sheffield. I am currently in my second year of university at Sheffield Hallam Uni, studying photography I take an interest in music, photography and movies. I use a Nikon D3100 and my Flickr can be found here

I've been a fan of Muse since just before BHaR and have never really looked back ever since. Recently went to my first Muse gig at Sheffield Arena on the 4th November 2009 and probably won't stop now. I finally understand how people can spend hundreds of pounds on going to several gigs of a tour as it's a very unique experience, one which I can't wait to replicate again when I go to LCCG this September :D

I am also a small collector of Muse media and various other merch. I regularly trail eBay etc. in hope of winning a new single but I'm not massively rich so don't often win much anymore. Waiting till after the hype over The Resistance has died down so prices come down a little. My collection is further down the page along with the prices I also paid for them, but that's mainly for my benefit.

Gigs I've been to

Gigs I'm going to

Unfortunately, none at the minute.

My Muse Collection

Studio Albums Amount Paid
Showbiz Unknown
Origin of Symmetry Unknown
Hullabaloo Soundtrack Unknown
Absolution Unknown
Black Holes and Revelations Unknown
The Resistance [Deluxe Edition] £12.99
The 2nd Law [Deluxe Edition] £12.46
Total £14.45
DVDs Amount Paid
Hullabaloo Unknown
Absolution Tour Unknown
HAARP [Deluxe Edition] Unknown
Total Unknown
CD Singles Amount Paid
Muscle Museum CD1 [Re-Release Version] £2.40
Sunburn CD1 £2.21
Sunburn CD2 £3.20
Unintended CD1 £2.05
Plug In Baby CD1 £3.76
Plug In Baby CD2 £3.19
New Born CD2 £2.29
Time is Running Out £2.09
Hysteria £3.49
Sing for Absolution £3.90
Supermassive Black Hole £2.49
Knights of Cydonia £1.99
Invincible £1.99
Uprising £2.99
Resistance [3 format bundle] £~3.33
Total £41.37
DVD Singles Amount Paid
Time is Running Out £1.99
Starlight £3.50
Knights of Cydonia Unknown
Invincible £2.99
Total £8.48
Cassettes Amount Paid
Absolution £3.23
Total £3.23
Vinyls Amount Paid
Invincible £3.20
Uprising £2.99
Resistance [3 Format Bundle] £~3.33
Exogenesis 12" £10.74
Total £20.26
Promos Amount Paid
Invincible 'Promo 1' £3.20
Total £3.20

I have spent £~75.62 on Muse CDs, DVDs and Vinyls so far

TBA :p
Other Stuff
Muse Mug [Blue]
Various Muse cuttings from magazines