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hi. I'm jack.

i love MUSE. i am going to my first gig in june, the goffertpark gig in nijmegen, holland

i like to edit the small mistakes i notice on MuseWiki. if it weren't for MuseWiki, i wouldnt know anything about MUSE, from the time matt whacked himself in the face with a 7-string guitar during citizen erased in the atlanta cotton club in 2004, to the fact that matt smashed 140 guitars during the absolution tour, or the time when there was a competition for the 10th anniversary of showbiz (good album btw). it was serj tankian.

my favorite MUSE songs are, well, theres so many. i especially like the whole of absolution, BHAR and the resistance. Origin of symmetry is very good, so is showbiz.

did i mention i was 13?