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Hello and welcome to my Muser page!

I'm Dalia (aka hyper_chondriac_muser on .mu or muse_rules on muselive).

I thought I'd update this page with lots of Musey stuff - including ALL my Muse owns and gigs I've been to, etc.

I'll start with Merch, as I've got more of that than anything else at the mo, lol, then I'll do the rest.

Cheers! =]




✓ x2 V Festival exclusive .mu lime green

✓ Army print logo (2004/5)

✓ Absolution falling people (Unofficial)

✓ Showbiz blue/hysteria

✓ Muse Mars

✓ White 3/4 sleeve with black middle


✓ Red satellite (faces)

✓ Invincible cover art

✓ Pink repeat

✓ Red OoS

✓ V Festival circuit

✓ US pink and green neon repeat

✓ Muse nebula (Wembley 07)

✓ Muse Starlight (Wembley 07)

✓ Demonocracy green

✓ US Mint Mars

✓ US Not Nautical astronaut

✓ Shepherd's Bush Empire

✓ US puzzle repeat logo

✓ US dotted blue

✓ USoE with flag

✓ USoE with blue map

✓ Resistance logo purpley hexagon (Teignmouth)

✓ Resistance logo full colours (Tour 09) (do I have it without tour info, too?!)

✓ White Resistance album cover

✓ A Seaside Rendevous

✓ Pale pink Resistance cut-out

✓ White Resistance pink logo

✓ White and bit of blue with band members

✓ Navy pyramid design

✓ Men's tiger design

✓ Men's vintage Resistance

✓ Men's orange faded Uprising/Resistance

✓ Exogenesis black

✓ Resistance machine

✓ Grey with coloured song titles

✓ Grey Resistance cover with tour info

✓ US bleached charcoal Resistance cover

✓ US grey walkway band members

✓ US Space (old)

✓ .mu forum members (HCM)

✓ Muse robots

✓ Turquoise band photo

✓ White Undisclosed logo

✓ Stage June-Sept 2010 Tour light blue

✓ Stage June-Sept 2010 Tour electric blue

✓ Exogenesis white

✓ Explode June-Sept 2010 Tour grey

✓ Exogenesis burnout turquoise

✓ White Uprising (word print)

✓ US hexagon tiles

✓ US static design

✓ US cosmic white (with orange)

✓ US Muse group hex white

✓ Blue Abso-era Static silhouette

T-shirt count = 57

Hoodies and Jackets

✓ Black and red 'distressed' logo

✓ Wembley 07 purple zip-up

✓ Resistance blue logo

✓ Resistance album artwork logo Tour 09

✓ Muse repeat (like pink repeat tee)

✓ Explode grey zip-up

✓ US shaken design orange

✓ Black and white 'adeline' zip-up

✓ Fatigue jacket (older version, large)

✓ Fatigue jacket (new version, medium)

Count = 10


✓ xLOTS of badges

✓ x1 set of enamel badges

✓ x4 bags (KoC horse, Seaside Rendevous, repeat name, US purple Resistance)

✓ x3 belts (BH&R, repeat logo grey, US black & white)

✓ x2 books (Inside the Muscle Museum [re-release]; Out Of This World [1st edition])

✓ x1 bracelet

✓ x2 calendars

✓ x1 coaster set

✓ x1 cup

✓ x1 flag

✓ x2 hats (trucker and beanie)

✓ x1 hexagon logo enamel keyring

✓ x8 mugs (4 logo mug set, 2 red logo, Resistance and Seaside Rendevous)

✓ x1 plecktrum necklace

✓ x1 pen

✓ x1 phone charm

✓ x1 plectrum set

✓ x1 rain poncho

✓ x5 official posters

✓ x2 programmes (no BH&R?)

✓ x1 Resistance puzzle

✓ x1 Muse ROCK from Teignmouth!

✓ x1 Resistance rucksack

✓ x3/4 stickers

✓ x1 Uprising teddy

✓ x1 Resistance towel

✓ x1 Resistance umbrella

✓ x2 wallets

✓ x1 Resistance watch (unofficial)

✓ x3 wristbands

Other things (unofficial): Dom drumsticks

Accessories count = 55