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Hi MuseWikians!

I'm Ade and I'm new around these parts (joined in Nov 2014). I may, eventually, get around to writing something interesting here.

I'm British and live and work in Switzerland. I'm also a guitarist and have played in loads of totally unknown bands over the years, both in the UK and here in Switzerland.

My to do list

  • My principle interest is tablature and I intend to work to improve this where it is needed.
  • Gig navigation needs some work - we have loads of categories and a tree structure, but it isn't evident when viewing a gig page.
  • Flesh out some of the subsidiary content, eg venue pages, etc.
  • Seek and destroy (or rather fix) dead links
  • Clean up spellings when I find them.

My Contributions

My Contributions

To do

Media: Muse bring "The 2nd Law" to Studio Q :
YT channel: Q on CBC :
Good 20 minute interview with Matt and Dom. need to find if it's already on here.

Media : Muse Q&A with Fans: 'The 2nd Law' - from the archive - Full HD :
YT channel : Absolute Radio :
Good Q&A session with fans.

Gigs Reconciliation Jan 2015

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