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As you may already know, a rare Muse demo tape has been put on sale on eBay (here). The tape features 11 tracks of demos, including four previously unheard songs. We, several members of muselive and other sites, would like your help in obtaining the tape so that we can share it with all Muse fans.

If we are successful in obtaining the tape, a high quality digital copy will be made and uploaded to muselive. We will then resell the tape and will give back a much of your donated money as possible. If any profit is made from the resell, we will in turn donate it to muselive, musewiki, and to charity. If you are a collector, we kindly as you to wait for the resell to bid on this item, in order to better enable us to get temporarily obtain the tape before we relist it on eBay.

Your donation will be entrusted to me via paypal until the end of the auction, when we will bid on the tape. A full record of all donations will be kept and later publicised in addition to the one automatically kept by paypal, so please feel safe in donating (or ask for a character reference)! We're recommending a donation of £10 (10 GBP) each, but of course any amount is welcome. To view the original discussion and hear samples from the tape, see here.

To donate, simply send your money from paypal (free account required) as "Services/Other". The address to send it to is

The seller has refused to upload full copies of the tape, so we, the fans, must take action! Please help us in our bid to obtain this unique piece of Muse history for all Muse fans before it disappears forever!


What format will the copies of the tape be in? The raw copies of the tape will be .wav files, and these will be converted into 360kbps .mp3 and .flac. All three formats should be made available. When will the files be available to download? After the tape has been resold. They will hosted on and muselive (as long as Muse management don't mind). I will try and find alternative locations as well.

Will I get my full donation back? Most likely. If FireSka wishes to rip the tape himself, he will purchase the tape from me for the same price we win it for, and all donations will be returned. If not, I will re-sell the tape.

What of the tape does not resell for the same amount? If the tape sells for less than we bought it for, I will add money onto the fund received from the re-sell (up to around £100). Money will then be returned to all donors in proportion to what they donated. For example, if you donated 1.2% of the total money, you will receive 1.2% of the final fund (the re-sell value + the additional money I supply). This way it will be exactly like we have placed a collective bid on the tape, except you will get a little bit more back :).

What if the tape sells for more? If it does, any profit will be sent to TCT and the Helen Foundation, and to help fund muselive/musewiki who have greatly helped with the bid.

Who will rip the tape? the tape will be sent straight to MuseLive member paul_nicko who will rip the tape professionally in the UK (after which the tape will be sent to me). The tape may then be send on to Fireska who will perform an additional rip of the tape in the US, as mentioned above.

If you are not happy with these aforementioned conditions please do not donate, or ask to have your donation returned.