Trondheim Dødens Dal 2007 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Dødens Dal[1][2] (UKA[2][3][4])
Date 20th October 2007[1]
Location Trondheim[1]
Country Norway
Songs 16[5]
Support Inglow[6]
Start (UTC+2) 19:30[1], 18:30[1] (doors)
Capacity 7,000[source?]
Price (NOK) 420.00–470.00[1]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

General ticket sale started 13th September.[2][3]

The balloons were released during Bliss.[7]


After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "God kveld, Trondheim! Good to see you." (Good evening, Trondheim)[8]
After Map of the Problematique "Tusen takk" (a thousand thanks)
After Hysteria "Cheers".
Before Supermassive Black Hole Howard "Hey hey" (?)
After Supermassive Black Hole Bellamy "Thank you".
Howard "Har dere det bra, Trondheim?" (Are you having a good time, Trondheim?)
Before Butterflies & Hurricanes Bellamy "[gauging key] Mmmm..."
After Butterflies & Hurricanes "Tusen takk"
After Ashamed outro Howard "Tusen takk ... thanks a lot".
After Feeling Good Bellamy "Thank you".
After Sunburn "Thank you".
Before Soldier's Poem Howard "The valley of death ... apparently where we are. For this next song we'd like you to take out your cell phones, your mobile phones and your lighters; Swing them around in the air ...and anything else that lights up. [?]".
After Soldier's Poem "Thank you very much, thank you. [?]"
After Starlight Bellamy "Thank you very much".


SOUSOUS recorded the entire concert, of which five songs were released on the 22nd of the same month as a preview,[9] these can obtained here[registration needed] in mp3 format. The entire recording was released on Dimeadozen on the 1st of May 2008 in FLAC format,[10] which can be found here and here[registration needed].

The lineage of the recording is as follows[10]:

OKMIIR > A3 > MZ-RH1 (LP2 Mode)

Audio hashes
  • SOUSOUS' recording hash tables »

  • Here are hashes of the PCM audio data.
    # md5
    01 773d9336de046fe39fda78f0d726128f
    02 421e6d16f60edd3a421fe86e14883980
    03 f04b99abf5c08d36eae980e96903a4dd
    04 e8d7c53444605785b0b7cf03969fb4ad
    05 cd50db443465f067e10639e1c2c0cbad
    06 a8229493f21d25ff648185aa98e5970f
    07 cefab82b8cdb5af2e2903cbb463d9445
    08 7b010bb9c53a1c8da51b5da19bde91bc
    09 0a2c6de986e5d155a4d03b2239f43447
    10 687dfa924a2b14a26d51312118d53dcd
    11 02c2e457876474b503746c383aa52307
    12 6230ab2804fd585a57336c7b286ad7f1
    13 644bdb0a9c71203e759e066f20d883fe
    14 08daf3faa063c8f7cb9585b38c56f9f6
    15 725d468158195064bd86257c80c86c80
    16 fb469ec54c91c87f894c481a83bd0805



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