Tokyo Studio Coast 2007 - 11th (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Shinkiba Studio Coast[source?]
Date 11th March 2007[source?]
Location Tokyo[source?]
Country Japan
Songs 16[1][source?]
Support Unknown
Start 18:00 UTC+9[source?]
Capacity 2400[source?]
Price 6,800 JPY[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

The final section of Supermassive Black Hole embodied the Killing in the Name riff.


Howard said something in Japanese after Hysteria. After Butterflies & Hurricanes, Bellamy said "Thank you". Bellamy and Howard attempted some Japanese after Assassin. Howard said something in Japanese again after Apocalypse Please. After Sunburn, Howard said "What? Somebody say something". "Ok, this song needs your lighters and your mobile phones. Swing them around". After Time Is Running Out, Bellamy said "Thanks very much [...] This next song is for Ichiko, happy birthday Ichiko, where are you? [...] Happy birthday, this song is for you - my favourite translator". After New Born, Bellamy again attempted some Japanese.

Before Citizen Erased, Bellamy and Howard attempted yet more Japanese, after which Bellamy said "This next song we haven't played for a while". After Stockholm Syndrome, Bellamy said "Thank you".


The entire show was recorded, and is available in mp3 format here.



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