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The Who is a British rock band formed in 1964, still active today. Christopher Wolstenholme described them in 2008 as having been a significant influence on Muse' live performances and many bands generally in the last fourty years.[1] He claimed Muse were all big fans of the band.[1]

Muse played the same Belgian festival as The Who,[2] perhaps Rock Werchter 2006. After this, The Who's vocalist Roger Daltrey invited Muse to partake in the Teenage Cancer Trust's fund raising concerts. Daltrey was and still is one of the event's organisers. Although Muse' schedule had insufficient room at the time, Daltrey again gave an invitation in 2008, which the band accepted.[2] While introducing Muse to the stage at their 2008 TCT concert, Daltrey described them as the "best band in the world".[3]


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