That's gonna be great! (200611 WOM article)

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That's gonna be great!

Muse Muse have always been good for a surprise. But nobody can intuit what this tour will bring

Muse concerts have always been spectacular: whether the very big, white balloons they threw into the audience during their last tour, or the elaborate video projections shown in the background - the three Britons always try hard to make their shows an elaborate synthesis of the arts. You can hardly imagine, however, what you can expect from this tour. Maybe Prince and Quentin Tarantino will ride together through the desert on the screen? Or Ennio Morricone will fly through the hall playing the trumpet? After all, the new and fourth Muse album 'Black Holes and Revelations' is crazy to the core. Muse have always tried out something new, invented theirselves new, but this time they went the extra mile: Prince-alike falsetto vocals meet Depeche Mode keyboards, jazzy ballads meet flamenco latin sounds and Morricone-style filmscore sounds meet Mexican desert sounds and Quentin Tarantino flair. However, above all there floats the unmistakable Muse rock sound. And Matthew Bellamy's unique voice which is so intense live it makes your flesh creep. Whatever Bellamy, drummer Dominic Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenholme come up with this time - we're pretty sure it's gonna be great.

Tour dates
11/25 Berlin, Arena // 11/26 Hamburg, Sporthalle // 11/29 Böblingen, Sporthalle // 12/09 Munich, Zenith // 12/13 Düsseldorf, Philipshalle

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