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A news article covering Teignmouth Council's decision to let the September 4th and September 5th concerts in the Den take place.

Yes to Muse

Monday, 17 August 2009

Teignmouth Post 2009-08-17 – Yes to Muse.jpg

Jubilant: Chris Wolstenholme with several Muse fans after the decision. Picture John Ware.

TEIGNMOUTH super group Muse will definitely be playing two gigs in their home town.

Teignbridge councillors today (mon) gave the thumbs up for the concerts on the Den on Friday and Saturday, September 4 and 5, much to the delight of over 100 fans who packed the public gallery at Forde House. Also there to support the application for a licence was Muse bass player Chris Wolstenholme, who said after: ‘I am really chuffed. This is something we wanted to do for our local fans, and we can’t wait for the gigs.’ The licensing committee granted the application, with the proviso that the sound levels at the closest homes to the Den, does not exceed 84.1 decibels. There were no objections from the public, or the statutory authorities. Chris added: ‘The sound level is quite low for our concerts, but we believe we can still put on a good performance.’

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