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It is a minor detail but on the picture "Tom_with_a_Sony.jpg", the camera he's holding looks more like a Canon than a Sony...

Really? hmm... how can you tell? 7 06:26, 19 January 2009 (GMT)

Well first thing is the strap that looks like a Canon one. (look at the writings on it) The the writing on the integreated flash looks like Canon although its not THAT sharp^^ (The Sony logo is bigger, and the letters have more space between them) The writing on the lower right corner of the camera body looks like the "digital" canon SLRs had on the 20D etc... On the upper right if it was a Sony you'd most probably see something written in orange (alpha logo) here it is more likely that it's the 20D logo. I'm quite sure it is a Canon EOS 20D. The lens release button looks rectangular, wich was the case on the Canon. On Sony SLRs it has a rounder shape. I haven't analysed the lens yet. But my first guess would be Canon 15mm Fisheye.

Twitter feed

Maybe it's a good idea to give Tom a Twitter feed, too, rather than just a link to his twitter page. Anyone?