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So I have a question regarding this "Montpellier Jam" played at this venue, is this really a correct name for this? At this particular concert it sounded more like 'Forced In'. I've never heard "Montpellier Jam" before so I was just wondering. --Derek

Well I'm guessing it's called Montpellier Jam because they first played it there. I'm guessing you went to the show last night, it was amazing, best crowd I've heard so far, much louder than the European crowd, well, I don't know about the UK. I'm just bummed out a little because they didn't play a Showbiz song like they regularly did in the European and Japan tour, out of all the songs in Showbiz, what would you've loved to hear live, Derek. --Mohammad, January 2013

I was actually hoping they'd play Muscle Museum, that's probably my most favorite song on that particular album. --Derek

That would've been nice, I think I'd want Escape or Falling Down, other than that album a first live performance of Big Freeze would've been epic -- Mohammad

I was at the show as well. Possibly the greatest night of my life and first time seeing Muse in concert. Am I the only one who would kill to hear Hate this and I'll Love You live? It sucks that they rarely played it even in their early days. I was surprised and super excited to hear Bliss and Plug in Baby, at least we got to hear two songs off of OOS. -- Trevor

Best night of my life, my first time as well. That would've been great to hear but would be very unlikely, since they've only played it once. I was excited to hear them play OoS too, Reading 2011 must have been one of their best gigs, since they played the whole album. -- Mohammad

Sorry, but this isn't a page to talk about the gig but rather about the article... Time Q (talk) 07:34, 1 February 2013 (GMT)

Forgive me, but the article is about the gig, so isn't it all relative? Feel free to delete anything you can justify to be irrelevant. -- Trevor

Of course you can discuss factive information about the gig here, but opinions about which songs should have been played really don't belong here. Not that it's harmful, but it can be quite annoying to check all recent changes on articles and article talks only to find some users are discussing their favorite songs. That's what user talk pages are for. Just saying ;) Time Q (talk) 16:59, 3 February 2013 (GMT)

Anyway, well when Band of Skulls appeared on stage, I thought it was Muse, lol. -- Mohammad

Alright that makes sense. Thanks for the heads up! I'm new here so just trying to learn how to operate on this wiki and any tips are insightful. -- Trevor