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Long spew of words ahead.

I have reasons to believe this wasn't the debut of Ashamed. First off, it's very unlikely that a song written around 1996 would have only been played for the first time in mid-2000. While this was probably the first time the song was played in the 2000 Showbiz tour in Britain, there's still plenty of missing holes. This is made evident with the German tape of Ashamed in Berlin. This is in a video where we can see the Rohre 200 setlist, a soundcheck of Unintended, Ashamed itself, part of Minimum, some soccer footage, and the Showbiz outro (not sure why they would play the same riff twice in one performance, but whatever) in addition to a number of riffs. What we can take out of this video is the estimated time. As Rohre took place in May 2000, it's likely this performance was also around this time. We also have footage of the band's clothes and most importantly, Matt's hair colour.

The footage is said to be from Berlin. Excusing that, we have several gigs in which the band played in Germany during 2000, 21 at my last count. We can remove any gigs where Matt had dyed his hair around the time because of the brown hair seen in the footage. Because of the Rohre setlist including songs like Darkshines, introduced in May 2000, we can remove any gigs played before this general time period (January and February gigs). This leaves us with seven possible gigs; Munich (April 28), Grunspan (May 19), Columbia Fritz (May 21), Elserhalle (May 22), Rohre (May 23), Rock im Park (June 10), Rock am Ring (June 11). This is pretending that this particular gig isn't an unknown/undocumented one.

We can immediately shoot off three gigs, Grunspan, Elserhalle and Rohre as we know the setlists for each of these. In addition, we have photos of their performance at Rock am Ring and the clothes don't match. At the end, we have just three possible gigs; Munich, Columbia Fritz, and Rock im Park. It could be either one of these three, but given the close proximity to the official first gig (May 29) and the Rohre setlist (May 23), I'd be willing to bet this footage comes from the May 21 performance at the Columbia Fritz. We have no footage, no photographs, no nothing from this gig, not even a page here. It's entirely possible that this footage comes from this performance, especially when considering both the footage and the May 21 performance were in Berlin. Or, I could just be overlooking things. Thanks for reading. GameGear360 (talk) 18:24, 13 October 2014 (BST)