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Dont know about anybody else and haven't read it anywhere, but after Istening to the words I have come to the conclusion that it's about Kate Hudson... Any thoughts?

I really don't think so, and I'm pretty sure there was a track-by-track interview in NME (or Q) before the release of The 2nd Law which explained it. It's just about world leaders panicking at the end of the world I seem to recall. I dont think there's much point putting individual's thoughts on the songs in the main articles. Anybody can interpret it how they wish! --DrSin (talk) 13:32, 10 April 2014 (BST)

Quoting the updated version of Mark Beaumont's book Out of This World: The Story of Muse: "While the concept of "having arrived at panic station", in the context of the album's narrative of humankind's self-destruction, suggested a futuristic destination or hub of chaos caused by energy depletion reaching to a point of mass desperation and revolt, the song also had an undercurrent of emotional breakdown or giving in to primal, uncontrollable urges: "Stand up and deliver your wildest fantasy/Do what the fuck you want to... you know I'm not resisting your temptations". But whether taken as a wild and dangerous anthem of S&M mania, as a song of inner strength and power overcoming outer shackles or a foretelling of the explosion of an energy-starved populous into desperate confusion, the track's tone of partying in the face of disaster gave it a wickedly unhinged edge." It's only his opinion, but it does seem to make sense. --RageAgainstTheZetas (talk) 20:36, 10 April 2014 (BST)