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I don't think that the guitar in the tweeted photo is the manson carbon but the black matt. And when I see the video of Survival at the olympic games, I'm sure of it. Even in very high quality, we can see that this is not the manson carbon but the black matt.

Are you talking about this photo?

I think it is Carbon because it's finish is reflecting light - MattBlack has a matt finnish, so it couldn't look like that - and, Carbon has a chrome pickup.


IIIAliAsIII (talk) 14:11, 22 September 2012 (BST)

Yes I talk about this photo, maybe it is another one ? Because when I see this image :


For me THIS is the manson carbon with reflecting effect. If it was the manson carbon in the first image I think we must see the "lines" of "reflection" (sorry for my english I'm french).

=> Finally I arrived to the conclusion that my image shows the new 7 string Manson.

Are you sure that it was used for Hysteria?? Do you have a video??