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This is just a theory of next Muse's Pwoper Album and this article will a speculative tract. For official information about "the seventh album", go to Seventh Album.

First Clues

Matt said that the next album will sound like early albums, with a lot of rock and less electronic sounds.[1]

Matt said to a Muse fan who she/he met outside the studio in Vancouver, where they're recording the album, that the new album will be more like Black Holes and Revelations and Absolution, and that it would have some songs with heavy guitar riffs.

Tweets refering to touring

Matt got asked over Twitter if they would play Citizen Erased on their next tour, to which he answered "yes, and it's sequel..."[2]

The 3 theories for that are:

- 'Sequel' referring to Micro Cuts, having in mind their order in the album.

- Take A Bow was known as "Citizen Erased II" prior to Black Holes and Revelations, as seen here

- A new song, as an official sequel to the aforementioned song. This could refer to a new song featuring a heavy riff on a 7-string guitar, as seen in the teaser pics.

Possible songs

Song Information
The Agitated/Yes Please -esque Song After playing Agiated and Yes Please in Helsinki Matt said that the next album is going to sound like this.[3]
The Pure FM Riff In a interview at Pure FM, the broadcaster said that Matt has been rehearsing a new "riff".[4]
Citizen Erased II - Turns out to be The Globalist[5] Suggested by a tweet from Matt Bellamy[2]
World War III Theme Song Matt Bellamy Reply on Twitter[6]
Empathy Gap Theme Song Matt Bellamy Reply on Twitter[6]
Deep Ecology theme Song Matt Bellamy Reply on Twitter[6]
Distorted Bass Song - Could be Mercy, The Globalist, or Psycho Suggested by the caption of an Instagram photo[7]
Heavy Instagram Riff - Turns out to be solo for Defector Seen in an Instagram video uploaded by the band[8]
Bass Solo Song - Likely to be Mercy Quoted on Instagram[9]
Slide Guitar Song - Turns out to be The Globalist Suggested by an Instagram picture uploaded by the band[10]
Piano Song - Possibly The Globalist or Mercy Based by an Instagram picture of Matt playing Piano[11]
"Milan strings" Song - Turns out to be The Globalist Suggested by a video posted on the band's Instagram account[12]
Album Intro - Could possibly be an intro for the a song Drill Sergeant - Turns out Drill Sergeant is an intro to Psycho Suggested by a Muse video on Instagram [13]
"Psychological Abuse" Song - Turns out to be Drill Sergeant Suggested in the same video, possibly just a sound loop in a song. Could reference heavy screaming akin to songs like Yes Please.
Heavy System Of A Down Style Song - Turns out to be The Globalist Suggested by an Instagram video of Matt playing a heavy riff on his seven string guitar. [14]
Song titled "Drones" - Turns out to be Reapers although the album's closer was entitled "Drones." Suggested by an Instagram video of a Muse song riff, with the band screaming "DRONES!" during the song [15]
Song titled "Psycho" or "Psychopaths" - Turns out to be Psycho Suggested by Matts tweet (possible name of the new single) [16]
"Ruminating on synth sounds" - Turns out to be Mercy The synth it's the same as in the beginning of Mercy [17]

Working Titles

  • Drones
  • Psycho
  • Dead Inside
  • Hollow Point Bullet

"Making of" DVD

Suggested by the picture, posted by Muse on Instagram, showing Dominic on the camera screen playing drums in the studio, it appears there will also be a release of the DVD showing the making of/behind the scenes/ recording of the upcoming seventh album. Picture: [1]

Release date

According to when the first shows of the new album tour begin, in late May/early June, it is likely that the new album will be released somewhere mid June.


Drones? (via the Instagram video)



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