Rīga Arēna 2007 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Arēna Rīga[source?] [en: Riga Arena]
Date 2nd July 2007[source?]
Location Rīga[source?]
Country Latvia
Songs 19[source?]
Support -[source?]
Start (UTC+3) 21:00[source?], 19:00[source?] (doors)
Capacity 10,000[source?]
Price (LVL) 15.00 (standing), 25.00 (fan zone), 20.00-30.00 (seated)[source?]
Sold out? Yes (fan zone, standing area)[source?]

First Muse performance in Latvia.

Tickets went on sale 5th March 2007 at 10:00. Standing tickets and fan-zone tickets were sold out in 2 hours.

This is the last performance of Assassin to date until the 19th of March 2015. Balloons were released during Plug In Baby.


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