Ridge Farm Studio

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Ridge Farm Studio

Is a studio in where muse recorded songs for Origin of Symmetry. It's very famous and important in the muse history due the origin of the magic mushrooms.

Recording Studios

The Control Room

Following Ridge Farm's closure as a fully equipped residential recording facility. The studio building is substantially unchanged since the equipment was removed, with the exception of the machine room, which has been converted to a bathroom. Main monitoring and foldback systems are still in place, as are patchbays, and there are plenty of cables, DI boxes, mic stands etc. Unfortunately we can no longer offer accommodation.

The Recording Areas

Main Room
  • "Control Room"

The control room retains the original Genelec 1039A main monitors, air conditioning, wiring and patchbays. Here's what it used to look like - you'll have to imagine it without the SSL console and outboard gear. With a room size of 23 square metres.[1]

  • "Main Room"

The main room is exactly as it was before - we've even kept the piano. One of the best sounding rooms in the country, and it's got a fantastic vibe too - or, as we used to say "Spacious and atmospheric with a high ceiling - good for acoustic instruments, brilliant for drums. With a room size of 48 square metres.[2]

Drum Room
  • "Drum room"

Built with drums in mind, but equally popular for piano or vocals. With a room size of 20 square metres

Songs recorded by Muse here


  1. Control Room
  2. Main Room
  3. Origin of Symmetry Sleeve Notes

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