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Bellamy with wine

"Not for Muse a casual wander round the wine fair, pausing to taste the odd tempting grape. No, they pick up the list of around 36 different wines, and proceed to taste every last one of them, ticking them off one by one, awarding marks out of 10 and noting down comments on taste. And where everyone else here today spits out their wine in the buckets provided, lest they become too intoxicated, Muse swallow. "I have to swallow it to really appreciate the taste," reckons singer Matthew Bellamy, displaying exactly the kind of bon vivant philosophy that you feel a self-respecting rock'n'roll band should have." [1]

On the second disc of the Hullabaloo DVD, there is a short clip of Matt playing the piano, with a bottle of red wine next to him, and a glass of the same on the piano itself.

Bellamy on red wine - "This is a glass of red wine, which is the first thing I drink when I come offstage. Red wine is the only alcohol I ever drink onstage as well; I don't usually drink onstage, except water. We did a few gigs in the early days and it was the only alcohol that I found that didn't dry me out. It seems to lubricate things quite well."

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