Quelli che... il Calcio 2006-05-14

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Quelli Che il Calcio interview with Matthew Bellamy, 14th May 2006

Simona: You like classical music of the beginning of the 20th century, did it influence your production?

Bellamy: Actually, we recorded part of the album in Milan and Italian music about last century really is got on it.

Simona: You've got lots of fans, but is it true that you live in Como's Lake?

Bellamy: Yeah! Yes, I do.

Simona: Aaah! But ... Do you know any word in English?

Bellamy: Erh, ... Ahm ...

Simona: Oh, sorry, in Italian, I mean!

Bellamy: My Italian is average, I need to learn it but my girlfriend speaks too fast for me.

Simona: Ok, so, but you know "Lago di Como" in Italian, do you?

Bellamy: Lago di Como!

Simona: "Casa mia"

Bellamy: Mia casa, yeah!


Gene: Simona, you know, they're from England, Moggi wants to ask how much do Referees cost in England (in these days Italian football is a mess, Moggi is a Juventus chief involved in referee corruptions)

Gene: In pounds, in pounds!!

Bellamy: It's cheap! It doesn't cost very much!


Simona: You're gonna tour Europe soon, are you coming back in Italy?

Bellamy: Yeah, actually we're coming back in June* and then in autumn

Simona: Thank you very much

* must be in Padova for TRL MTV

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