Perth Metropolis City Concert Club 2004 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Metropolis City Concert Club[1]
Date 5th September 2004[source?]
Location Perth, WA[source?]
Country Australia
Songs 14[source?]
Support Neon[source?]
Start (UTC+10) 20:00[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price (AUD) 64.50[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

The WA leg of the 2004 Australian tour was due to be held at Metropolis, Fremantle—a venue the band played on their Australian tour in October, 2000. However, a change to the larger venue of Perth Metropolis[1] was needed when the original venue sold out inside one day. The poster on the right illustrates the amendments that record stores made to make ticket holders and purchasers aware of that fact.


"Thank you!".
After The Small Print Howard "Cheers Perth."[2]
After Dead Star Bellamy "Thank you."
After Citizen Erased Howard
After Sunburn Bellamy "Thank you very much, cheers."
After Butterflies & Hurricanes Howard "How's it going Perth? ... This is really when it went a little bit out [?]."
After Bliss "Just in case you guys didn't realise, Chris is doing this whole gig with, you know, a broken wrist. A nutter, you can't stop him. [?]"
Bellamy "[?] You can't stop [?]"
During Plug In Baby outro "Thank you Perth!"
Before Stockholm Syndrome Howard "Cheers!"
Bellamy "Thank you very much. [It's] A great pleasure to be here."
Howard "Okay, there's gonna be one more. Thus uh, this song is called Stockholm Syndrome. Cheers, see you next time."
After Stockholm Syndrome Bellamy "Thank you Perth!"


An audience recording is available in mp3 format here[registration needed], and The Groove is available in FLAC format here[registration needed].



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