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Air Productions logo
Aerial view of Studios 128 and 204 (top left), where Air Productions reside

Air Productions studios (not to be confused with Air Studios, a music studio complex in London) is a studio complex located in La Plaine Saint-Denis, Paris, France. The studios are rented by, as the name implies, Air Productions, a French production company.

The company was founded in 1993 by TV show host Nagui Fam, who also hosts the long-running music TV show Taratata, which Muse have been a part of three times since 2009. The show is filmed at Studio 128.

Air Productions are part of Banijay Group, a French global production and distribution company for TV and multimedia, which was established in 2008, when they also acquired Air Productions.

Muse appearances

Venue address

Air Productions
1 Place des EMGP Bât. 113
93210 Paris

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