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Paramore are a Grammy-nominated American pop rock band that formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004. Paramore consists of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboard), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), and Zac Farro (drums).

Jeremy lists Muse in his 'favorite bands right now' on the Paramore official site.[1] Guitarist Josh Farro told BBC News that for the band as a whole, Muse is one of their musical heroes.[2] Paramore listed Muse in their 'Top 5 Live Shows of 2007' for their show at Hamburg1.

Zac - "I didn't think I'd like it as much as i did. And like, I love Muse but i was kinda just like over them because I'd listened to them, I'd worn them out, like i wore myself out with them. And so i saw them and i was like 'gosh, they're so awesome'. And we played soccer with them so that was pretty sweet."

Hayley - "Oh yeah, that was fun"

On September 8th 2009 Hayley tweeted that "the dudes are going to see Muse tonight.... im stayin in... and being on voicerest. so lame." and the next day added "watching Muse soundcheck for Taratata... wut wut." [3] Both Paramore and Muse appeared on the programme.

Paramore feature on the Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack alongside Muse.

Paramore presented Muse with the award for Best Rock Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

They also supported Muse on part of their Unsustainable Tour.

Note and references

1. They are likely referring to either Rock am Ring or Rock im Park, since they were on the same bill, and Muse didn't play in Hamburg in 2007.

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