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Interview with Panic at the Disco, October 2006

Panic! at the Disco is a band that originated in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Their sound incorporates elements of pop, electronica, dance, and rock, along with many other genres like reggae and trad. jazz.

The October 11th issue of Kerrang! quoted Jon Walker (bassist) as being a massive Muse fan, maybe a bit too much of one:

One fan asks, "If you could be any other band apart from Panic!, what would it be?"

Brendon Urie: "We'd probably all say Queen or maybe Counting Crows. I'm inspired by Queen's Freddie Mercury. He was one of the greatest frontmen of all time with one of the most powerful voices ever."

Spencer Smith: "Will you be wearing a leotard like him, too?"

Brendon: "If it makes me sing like him, then yes."

Jon Walker: "I just realised how much I really love Muse. The new album is awesome but I like what they've done in the past too. They have to be the best live band of all time."

Spencer: "I think he has a crush on Muse."

Jon: No, just Matt Bellamy. Never leave us alone in a hotel room together. Anything could happen."

Spencer: "Frightening."

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