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Play It Again Sam, a recording company originating in Belgium, were the publishers for all Muse CDs and DVDs in the Benelux region before the release of Black Holes and Revelations. The catalogue numbers for all Muse releases under the label took the form of a heptidecimal code reflecting the artist, the title and the format of the release:

  • The artist Muse was designated the numbers 481 (Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry) or 482 (Absolution).
  • The title was designated a number in the form 20XX.
  • The format was designated:
    • 22 for a stand alone maxi CD
    • 23 for an album
    • 124 for cardsleeve CD in a two part release
    • 172 for a DVD in a two part release
    • 179 for a maxi CD in a two part release
    • 122 for a multi-part box set release (Sing for Absolution)
    • 125 for a multi-part CD release (Sing for Absolution)

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